This year we are very lucky to have some fantastic sponsors! Not only do they help us keep our costs low allowing us to subsidise classes and membership for everyone, but they also provide brilliant deals and discounts to all DanceSoc members! They support us further by lending a helping hand when it comes to organising amazing socials and fundraising events in their venues. We’re very thankful to all our sponsors for their involvement with dancesoc and look forward to an exciting year working with them!

Vodka Revolution Sheffield   


DanceSoc are very proud this year to be sponsored by one of the hottest venues in Sheffield! Vodka Revs is without a doubt the place to be, they boast a huge selection of cocktails and drinks as well as a delicious menu of food to suit all tastes. DanceSoc members will benefit from their fantastic discount cards which provide some great deals on food and drink. Be sure to use them whenever your at Revs! We are also lucky enough to have access to all of their private rooms for socials and fundraisers. Vodka Revs is renowned amongst University of Sheffield societies as an excellent sponsor so we’re very pleased to start working with them again this year!

Website: http://www.revolution-bars.co.uk/bar/sheffield/

Tiger Works 

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During socials we’ll usually stop in at another lively bar on West Street, Tiger Works! This is where we’ll get going with our night out and play some games, have a laugh and a good dance and enjoy the super cheap drinks (especially if you are a dancesoc member!) before continuing on our West Street journey! Just make sure you don’t miss out! Every member will receive a loyalty card from Tiger Works.

Website: http://www.tiger-works.co.uk



DanceSoc have teamed up with Soyo again this year to give our members discounts and a great time at the venue! They are also a regular fortnightly stop on our social calendar, and with some of the best request DJs in Sheffield, we are always ready to have a choreographed dance along to some of our competitions songs. To find out more about Soyo and events there, take a look at their website via the link below.

Website: http://soyo.me/


email us at dance@sheffield.ac.uk