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Do I have to be a dance society member to come to classes and events?

Anyone is welcome at Dance Society classes and events, even if you aren’t a member. So if you aren’t sure about joining, you are very welcome to try out our society classes and socials first before becoming a member. Membership saves you £1 on every class so is worth it if you end up Dance soc crazy like the rest of us.

How do I buy membership?

You can buy membership online, just bring the email confirmation to us at the Activities or Sports Fair, or in one of our many classes. Membership is £12 for the year, or £7 for the semester.

My course is super intense, do I have the time to commit to the society?

Being a member is very flexible, it is up to you how much you want to get involved. You are free to attend as many (or few) classes and socials as you want to. The only time we will ask for commitment is if you join our competition team, as rehearsal attendance is compulsory unless you have a valid reason.

Can I join dance society if I’ve never danced before?

Dance Soc is open to all dancing abilities! We have classes of all levels, and beginners are welcome (and encouraged) to attend socials – the best way to get more involved with the society. As in our opinion, the more the merrier! 

Is Dance Society a girls club?

Absolutely not! Dance Society is open to all genders, and everyone is welcome in our classes and socials. However we also run a dedicated Boys Ballet Class taught by the lovely Bella and Miriam. Boys if you have any questions please message our Boys ambassador Ben Pearson who will be happy to answer them.

Can I join Dance Society in my second year?

Yes of course! Dance Society members include first years all the way to PhD students! No matter what age you are, if you are new to Dance Society you are also welcome at all our of Freshers events.

Can I join Dance Soc if I go to Hallam?

As we are SHEFFIELD Dance Society, of course you can! Hallam Students are welcome to attend all classes, socials, tour and competitions. All we ask for is that you embrace the Black & Gold spirit with us.

I want to go to a social but I’m too scared to go alone!

Before the Fame social, friendly committee members and ambassadors will be available at The Edge (Endcliffe), Ranmoor and Bar One to meet new freshers and walk you to west street, so you don’t have to worry about getting there on your own and will meet other freshers in the process. Everyone there will understand how you’re feeling, as lots of us attended our first social one on our own – and have never regretted it!

I’m not a massive drinker so don’t think I’ll have fun on a bar crawl.

Quite a few dance soc members are non-drinkers (or have 9am seminars on Thursday mornings). Dance Soc socials are not like stereotypical sports club socials, there is no nastiness and forcing people to drink. Our socials are a chance to meet other dance soc members and have a good time.

How will I get home from a social?

Dance soc members live all over the city so it’s very likely that someone will also be going your way and you can get a taxi together. There is also the Women’s minibus which leaves the SU and will can drop you at your door for £1.50. Please never walk home alone even if it isn’t very far.

Do I have to dress up for socials?

At Dance Soc we love a bit of fancy dress and it’s encouraged for all socials, don’t worry about feeling silly because on a wednesday night it’s rare to see someone out and about not in fancy dress!


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