Every year we participate in at least two UK wide Inter-University competitions, taking a range of dancers and trying our best to win lots of trophies! We hold our own Competition in the February/March of each year, which always proves to be a fun day and a great opportunity for everybody to get involved! If you are interested in competing for us, please attend classes and keep an eye on your emails for details of any competitions coming up!

Class attendance and commitment are taken into consideration. Auditions (which are not scary at all, I promise!) and usually start in October during normal classes.

We are always looking for choreographers for competitions in the following styles at all levels:

  • Modern
  • Ballet
  • Contemporary
  • Hip-Hop
  • Tap
  • Lyrical
  • Wildcard
  • Solos/Duets/Trios

Past Competitions:

Lat year we attended competitions at York and Leeds Universities, whilst also holding our own Sheffield competition!

Our Advance Modern Dancers


York 2017 – Every single one of our dances placed!!

  • Advanced Contemporary – 2nd place
  • Advanced Modern – 2nd place & Best Costume
  • Advanced Tap – 3rd place
  • Advanced Ballet – 3rd place

Leeds 2017

  • Advanced Tap – 1st place
  • Intermediate Tap – 1st place
  • Intermediate Contemporary – 1st place
  • Intermediate Ballet  – 2nd place
  • Duet, Livvy & Lucy – 2nd place
  • Advanced Modern – 3rd place

Sheffield 2018

  • Intermediate Tap – 1st place

    Our Best Costume Winners – Inter Ballet

  • Lyrical – 1st place
  • Advanced Modern – 1st place
  • Intermediate Ballet – 2nd place & Best Costume
  • Advanced Tap – 2nd place
  • Intermediate Modern – 3rd place
  • Intermediate Contemporary – 3rd place
  • Advanced Contemporary – 3rd place
  • Intermediate Hip Hop – 3rd place

Videos of all of our past competition dances are available on our youtube channel


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